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OKAb - sandals that Love You

We are excited to introduce OKAb sandals at Déjà Vu. A fabulous line of sandals that are cute and comfortable but they are so much more than just a pretty accessory. Here are a few things you may not have known about OKAb products that set them apart from other comfort sandals in the market.

Reflexology inspired design: all of the sandals offer ergonomic footbed enhanced with massage beads to pamper the feet.

Antimicrobial/ Odour resistant: its non absorbent material resists the growth of mildew fungus and bacteria.

Non slip non marking sole: providing stability on wet or dry terrain. Our colourful sandals will not leave marks on the floor.

Machine washable & colourfast: easy to sanitize won't resist fading even with repeated washings

Vegan friendly: our process is friendly to our environment and its inhabitants as well. Oka does not use animal by-products of any kind in the manufacturing process

One piece construction: all sandals feature one piece construction for superior durability and comfort.

Environmentally conscious: customers can send their well loved sandals to corporate headquarters, where they will be ground and mixed with virgin material to create new product.

Cat_Caroline_Hero_CatPg okab sandals Cat_Haley_Hero_CatPg okab sandals Cat_Jasmine_Hero_CatPg okab sandals
Cat_Juliet_Hero_CatPg okab sandals Cat_Lucy_Hero_CatPg okab sandals Cat_Malia_Hero_CatPg okab sandals
Cat_Chloe_Hero_CatPg okab sandals Cat_Alexis_Hero_CatPg okab sandals Cat_Marion_Hero_CatPg okab sandals
Gabby_Hero_CatPg okab sandals Cat_Madison_Hero_CatPg okab sandals Cat_Audrey_Hero_CatPg okab sandals

Please note: This is just a sampling of the styles available. Stop by Deja Vu to see all of the new offerings.

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