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Having well manicured nails is important because people notice your hands and nails. Hands should always be smooth with nails trimmed and free of hang nails. If you wear polish it should never be chipped and if you don't use polish, have your nails buffed to a healthy sheen. A professional manicure is your best defence against hang nails, dry skin, over grown cuticles, brittle nails and nail biting. The easy solution is to book your manicure on a regular schedule.

Basic manicure $35
French manicure $40
Spa manicure $45
Nail polish change $17
Petite manicure
(12 years and younger)

Products used: Zoya, Qtica, Body Drench, Spa Binge Organics


This professional line consists of the revolutionary Evo Oxygenating Base,40 fabulous colours, Gloss Top Coat and Matte Top Coat. The easy on, easy off formula provides strength with the added benefit of improved air permeability, allowing the healthy and natural exchange of Oxygen (O2) and water vapor (H2O) between the nail and its environment. Evo provides chip-free, long lasting wear up to 3 weeks.

Bio Sculpture is committed to Healthy Nail Care and formulated Evo to prevent dehydration and damage of the nail. Evo Oxygenating Base is formulated with medical grade ingredients and contains Vitamin A and E. Similar to all Bio Sculpture products Evo is 5-FREE, 100% Vegan and not tested on animals. It contains no solvents, formaldehyde, DBP or Camphor.

Evo combines the quality, health and durability synonymous with Bio Sculpture with a fast-lane approach. Evo's application is as easy as applying nail polish – BASE, 2 coats of COLOUR, TOP – each cured for 30 seconds using a LED lamp. Gel remover gently dissolves Evo from the natural nail when it is time for a new set. An Evo Manicure is $42 for clear or French.

Evo is bringing a revolution to the nail industry and was recently written up as the Green Pick by Elevate magazine.

Evo is not a gel, it is not a gel-polish – it is Evo!

Gel Nails / Bio Sculpture Gel Nails

Beautiful nails can be yours without damaging your natural nails with the amazing Bio Sculpture Gel Nails. This gel nail system does not require the use of drills or filing of your nails and does not use carcinogenic, formaldehyde and toluene products. It is odourless, durable, flexible and won't chip or crack. Bio Sculpture Gel can be filed or clipped without damaging the gel nail. It also has a five star safety rating giving you little chance of having a reaction because there are no bonders or primers in the product. It is available in French manicure application as well as many gel colours. Each time you come in to our salon we soak off the gel so you can see the health of your natural nails and then apply new gel, keeping your nails looking great. And for a healthier alternative we use a LED curing system.

déjà vu nail services
Clear overlay $45
Colour application $45
French application $49
Nail repair $5
Gel/acrylic removal $35
Pedicure with gel $64


Treat yourself to one of Déjà Vu’s finest spa services. Start with our softly scented foot soak followed by the removal of calluses and corns. We then smooth the bottom of your feet. And of course we give your nails our full attention with trimming and shaping – even thick toe nails can be made to a natural thickness. And we finish off with a soothing leg and foot massage. Our pedicures are treatment focused on the health of the foot and our staff are trained in working with the diabetic foot.

Pedicure (45-60min) $49
Spa pedicure (includes scrub/mask 75min) $65
Manicure and pedicure $84
Toe nail trimming (seniors only) $30
Petite pedicure (12 years and younger) $17
Xpress pedicure (30 min. light buff, trim & polish) $39
Ingrown toenail Consultation

Products used: Gewol, Spa Binge Organics, Footlogics

We practice hospital level sterilization with all equipment sterilized after each client.

If you are a diabetic take note:

Proper foot care for people with diabetes is very important because the disease makes them more vulnerable to foot problems due to nerve damage and reduced blood flow to the feet. Many serious health problems associated with diabetes can be prevented with proper foot care. However, pedicure treatments for diabetics can be a special challenge when you are doing this yourself. That’s where Déjà Vu Salon and Spa can help. Our clinicians are specially trained in proper pedicure treatments for diabetics.

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