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Déjà Vu Salon and Spa offers skin treatments, eye brow and lash tinting, make up, ear piercing and more

We have skin treatments for women and teens as well as detoxing footbaths, spray on tanning, make up, eye brow and eye lash tinting and ear piercing. Think of Déjà Vu Salon and Spa as your full service rejuvenating place in Kitchener!

We use the finest of European products: YonKa, YonKa Men, GM Collin, Eva Garden, Soladerm, Inverness.

Skin Treatments for Women

spa skin treatment
Facials for all skin types

Déjà Vu Salon and Spa offers several types of skin treatments for women of all ages. That’s because there are different types of skin and because skin changes as we age. Plus, you may have preferences for your skin treatment. Not sure which skin treatment is best for you? Easy – just consult with one of our aestheticians.

Le Grande Classique Facial
A truly personalized beauty treatment. This is probably one of the most complete facial care treatments available in a salon. Five steps of progressive, successive cleansing and all without irritation thanks to an exclusive YonKa process. With a relaxing massage and invigorating, balancing natural aromas, your skin is left clean and your complexion radiant. $100 (75 minutes)

Alpha Vital Facial
Using organically sourced AHA-BHA from natural fruits, dead cells are sloughed away. Your skin's surface becomes noticeably smoother without a hint of sensitivity. $110 (75 minutes)

Vital Intense Facial
Recommended for all ages, this skin treatment is a precious ally that will re-infuse your skin with the vital energy that it sometimes lacks after sun exposure, pregnancy, menopause, or simply after a spell of ill health or tiredness. $110 (75 minutes)

Optimizer Facial
Every part of this miracle treatment encourages flawless skin and perfect tone. Your face is "lifted" with a redefined contour and replenished radiance. Thanks to the regenerating action of extracts of horsetail, hip, and collagen you are left looking beautiful and relaxed with a renewed sense of harmony. $120 (75 minutes)

Hydralessense Facial
Your skin sends out a thousand tiny signs to express its lack of moisture and comfort. Dry or oily, it begins to feel tight and rough to the touch. This high performance, deep hydrating facial will revive the most dehydrated complexions, eliminating signs of stress and help your skin rebalance itself. Luxuriate in the warmth of healing hands while your skin is bathed in a moisture surge of oils, creams and elixirs. $110 (75 minutes)

Eclat Cacoon Facial
This YonKa Zen treatment offers a big piece of heaven. A smoothing, relaxing and highly hydrating facial with hot stones is perfect for dehydrated and dull complexions or simply for those in need of some serious relaxation. Your skin will be left feeling like velvet. $110 (75 minutes)

Spa Facial
This two-hour treatment frees your body and mind from stress, replacing it with a total sense of calmness. All the YonKa products are heated for your added comfort. Experience a hand and foot massage as well. $165 (120 minutes)

Choose from these exceptional options:

Head to Toe Reviver
This complete treatment envelopes you from head to toe providing you with a total spa experience on YonKa know how - it combines marine mineral salts for a body exfoliation and the exceptional Hydralessense facial. Pure delight! $190 (120 minutes)

Professional Chemical Peels
Professional Chemical Peels: G.M. Collin offers a variety of professional chemical peels utilizing the most active ingredients available on the market today such as Glycolic, Salicylic, Lactic and Mandelic Acid, Resorchinol, Vitamin C and E in combinations with other anti-oxidents and brightening actives to promote exceptional results. $65 each or series of 4 for $195.

Peels offer many benefits:

Your aesthetician will do an in depth skin analysis and recommend the chemical peel that is best suited for your skin concerns.

Back Treatments
Care for this area is sometimes forgotten, but can be essential for most people. Skin analysis for the back differs from the face, however the main steps are the same. The area is cleansed and exfoliated. An intense micro peel follows that softens the oil that needs to be removed as well as increases cell renewal. A clay mask is applied, and then a relaxing massage to rebalance the skin for the grand finale.
$90 (60 minutes)

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (ACP)
Advanced Cosmetic Procedures treatments using electrolysis are becoming increasingly more popular as knowledge about these fantastic treatment results increase. A wide array of skin blemishes can be quickly and effectively treated with immediate results giving you blemish-free skin. Treatable blemishes include warts, milia, skin tags, broken capillaries and seborrheic keratosis. Book a consultation on how to remove those unsightly blemishes that you find so annoying.
$60 (15 minutes)
$85 (30 minutes)

Skin Treatments for Teens / Teen Facial

Our teen facials include a deep cleansing facial to purify and hydrate to reveal radiant skin. We also instruct teens on how to best take care of their skin (proper cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing). This treatment is great for pre-teens. $65 (45 minutes)

Acne Solution

GM Collin Hydrolifting Treatment – this powerful, stimulating, anti-aging treatment with exceptional lifting properties is composed of biotechnological extracts, soya proteins, and hyaluronic acid. It is specifically designed to produce a firming and glowing complexion. $115

Correction and healing are the cornerstones of this distinctive treatment. Cleansed with extracts of burdock and essential oils of thyme, lavender and sage, your skin will find its natural balance. Sebaceous glands often go into overdrive during puberty, much to the chagrin of teenagers, as the excess sebum can cause oily skin, odors, and acne. Our acne solution regulates sebum production and controls inflammations allowing your skin to become clean and clear. $85

Déjà Vu uses only the finest of products

The Vacial
This modern day treatment will clear your bikini area. We gently cleanse the area with a gentle cleanser followed by an exfoliating gel containing Bamboo and Jojoba pearls. Next, we apply an expert application of AHA active micropeel to help free those trapped hairs and blocked pores. Extractions and removal of ingrown hairs are completed if necessary, followed by a soothing mask. $50 (45minutes)

Sweet Cheeks Facial

This treatment helps the area of your body that is most neglected to look smooth and toned. It delivers anti-inflammatory results to eliminate unsightly blemishes for a perfectly polished derriere. $50 (45 minutes)

Ion Detoxification Footbath

Detoxification assists in restoring the body's energy and vitality to eliminating the chemicals we take in every day from environmental pollution, foods (particularly processed foods and meats), air and drinking water. With the proper use of cleansing and detoxification, you can maintain your health and energy, even as you age (30 minutes). Read more about ion detoxification.


One session $40
Package of 5 $180
Package of 10 $360
Children (aged 4 to 15) $20 per session

Soladerm Spray-On Tanning

This all natural sugar product is designed to stimulate the melanin in your skin to leave you with a natural looking tan. Typically, it lasts 7-10 days.

1 application $30
2 applications $54
5 applications $132
10 applications $255


There is a lot of artistry that goes into applying make-up to have it looking natural and to have it accentuate your best facial features. Our aestheticians can apply the make-up for you for whatever special occasion you have. They can also give you instruction on various techniques that will highlight what you want and camouflage what you don't want. And of course, we do brides and bridal parties. Brides should have a trial run to make sure they are getting the exact look they want for their big day.

Not sure of the best colour palette for your skin tone? Our make-up artists are here to help!

make-up application
Make-up artistry for all ages and occasions
Application $52
Lesson $70
Bridal trial $62
Bridal day Book your hair and make up services together and receive a $15% discount.
Bridal party When having the Bridal Make-up Trial and with the reservation of 3 or more attendants, the bride's make-up on the day of the wedding is complimentary.


Déjà Vu aestheticians do piercings of ear lobes and cartilage. We offer a wide selection of ear rings for clients of all ages.

Ear lobes, under 12 years $25 sitting fee plus price of ear rings
Ear lobes, 12 and older $18 plus price of ear rings
Cartilage $25 plus price of ear rings

Déjà Vu Salon and Spa Services

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